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Vanilla News

New version of Vcol 1.4 released.
Fixes memory issues while processing character fields.
Fixes writing of float data under Linux platform.
  01/07/02 Vanilla version 3.4.12 released.
Emissivity channels 149-286 are available now.
  10/05/00 New version of vanilla (3.4.6).
This version includes the new indexing code, which should still be considered alpha.
  8/19/00 Vcvt modified to look for endian-ness (Version 1.01)

Vanilla Resources

Vanilla is a tool that will allow you to treat table files conforming to the Planetary Data System standard as a hierarchal database and perform simple queries across one or more tables and file segments.

If you simply want to use vanilla to extract data from a conforming dataset, you will likely find all the information you need in the user's manual. If however, you are trying to write vanilla conformant files, you most certainly need to be familar with the PDS Standards being used.

On this site, you'll find links to basic documentation on vanilla and its related utilities. Included at the bottom of this page are links to binaries and sources.

vanilla download
The vanilla database query and extraction tool.

Vmerge download
Merge data into an existing vanilla database.

If you extract data, and then modify it, Vmerge can be used to reinsert those modifications back to the original data.

Vfix download
Fixes the padding and offsets on a fragment file whose label has been modified.

A label on a fragment file is padded and sized programmatically. Manual changes to label data can thus result in an invalid fragment file. After modifying a label, run Vfix on the fragment file to recalculate the necessary padding and offsets (thereby "fixing" the fragment file).

Vcvt download
Converts a C struct definition into a vanilla fmt file. Uses stdin/stdout for input/output. C-style comments after the struct fields are converted to field descriptions in the fmt file.

Vcol download
Creates a new datafile based on a new fmt specification, populating the new file with data from an old datafile.

Vmakelabel download
Takes a binary datafile and adds (in-place) a label to it.

Verbose mode may be toggled with the -v option. All other arguments are self-explanatory. NOTE: It's important that key names be included in double and single quotes, exactly as shown.

Vtxt download
Performs in-place conversion of a raw ASCII text file (delimited fields, don't have to be fixed-length) into a vanilla fragment file with a label.

The first line of the file should contain column headings. Column headings that begin with a tilde (~) are marked as key fields, as are any fields specified on the command-line using the -k option. Doesn't handle array fields. Judges field lengths based only on the data encountered, and is thus inappropriate to use for creating multiple fragment files of a single table.



vanilla 622k HP 9000/785, PA-RISC 2.0, HP-UX B.11.00
vanilla 2.4M Red Hat v7.2, Linux 2.4.18, i686, gcc
vanilla 670k IBM RS/6000, AIX Ver. 4.3.3, xlc
vanilla 794k WindowsNT/95, Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
vanilla 992k Sun Sparc, Solaris 7, gcc 2.95.1
vanilla 725k O2/Origin2000, IRIX 6.5, gcc

Source Code

vanilla 636k
Vcvt 44k
Vmakelabel 141k
Vmerge 100k
Vtxt 77k
vfix 4k
Older versions are available at the vanilla FTP site.